07 October 2013

Unleash your inner Geisha

“I am going to put these inside you …for your pleasure and mine”. This is how Christian Grey introduces Anastasia to Ben-wa balls in Fifty Shades of Grey.

Once he’s inserted them in her vagina, Anastasia’s reaction is, “I can’t really feel them - but…I know they’re there”.

Then, as she moves around she proclaims, “The balls pull downward and involuntarily I clench around them. They make me needy, needy for sex”.

This passage captured the imagination of thousands of women (and men) all over the world who for the first time perceived the practical and fantasy value of Ben-wa balls and sales of the Je Joue’s Ami, Fun Factory’s Smartballs Teneo Duo and the Delicious Pleasure Silicone Ben-wa balls from the Fifty Shades Official Collection have soured ever since.

Also known as Smart balls, Love balls, Orgasm balls, Venus balls and Geisha balls, according to some they’ve been around since as early as 500AD when a single Geisha ball was used by women living in the East to enhance the male’s pleasure during intercourse.

By the end of the sixteenth century many European males, travelling in Burma and Thailand, had enjoyed this experience and commented in their writings on how these balls helped to stimulate the penis and intensify their orgasms during the act of coitus.

The purpose of these balls shifted from simply providing male satisfaction to intensifying sexual pleasure for both parties when practitioners of Tantra and Chinese Taoism encouraged their insertion when exploring the sensual side in both sexes.

It didn’t take long for people to realize that wearing these balls strengthens a woman’s Kegel or pubococcygeus (PC) muscles which crisscross to form the web that supports the pelvic floor.

These muscles not only contract during orgasm which enhances the pleasure of both parties but also control the flow of urine and bowel movements and keep the bladder from leaking when coughing, laughing or sneezing, particularly as we grow older.

They also stretch while giving birth. So keeping them toned is very important to both our sexual and genital health and nowadays the use of vaginal weights or Venus balls is often recommended by gynaecologists and obstetricians after child birth.

In the early days, these single balls were sometimes modified to include a second ball which was linked to the first by chain or silk string for easy removal, and today they come in a variety of sizes, forms, designs and materials but we at Lady Fay’s Boudoir recommend body-safe silicone or smooth surface metal as the most hygienic options.

Modern Smart balls are designed to provide stimulation to all our sex organs, including the brain, by creating subtle stimulation which helps us feel warm and sexy deep inside.

Their purpose is not to produce instant orgasms in the wearer but rather to subtly titillate and tease the senses and are particularly effective if worn while rocking back and forth, driving over a bumpy road, riding a horse or taking a spin on a motorbike.

But we suggest that you only attempt any of these (except perhaps rocking in the privacy of your room), once you’ve strengthened your kegel muscles sufficiently so that they don’t slip out at an inopportune moment.

To achieve this strength, we recommend that you insert the balls for about 15 minutes a day and then slowly increase the time as your muscles strengthen.

It is also quite effective if the vaginal muscles are clamped while pulling on the cord for greater resistance. When brand new you could try the “Fifty Shades” way of lubricating them by popping them into your mouth but otherwise we suggest that you first clean them well with pH balanced, Nature Fresh Rooibos or Tea Tree Cleanser and them lubricate them with Whet Extra Virgin lubricant before inserting them.

Ben-wa balls still add the same extra dimension to penetrative intercourse that they always have and can also be a great “side-dish” when playing with other toys on your own.

Inserting a vibrator like the Lelo Soraya into the vagina with the balls feels amazing; alternatively, while holding the balls vaginally, use a vibrator like the We-Vibe Touch on your clitoris and around the vulva for an all-embracing orchestral sensation.

Lady Fay's Boudoir is an online lingerie and adult toy store created by a team of women as an antidote to the type of websites that make sexual exploration scary, tacky and generally unappealing to real women.

Give yourself permission to browse and shop according to your experience and the needs of your relationship. Visit Lady Fay's Boudoir to view their range of sexy lingerie and couple’s sex toys.

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