Updated 05 August 2013

SA loves quickies – more user stories

If you have very little time and the heat is on, quickies are the way to go. More users share their quickie secrets with us.

If you have very little time and the heat is on, quickies are the way to go. This is something South Africans know very well - as we've discovered over the last few days. Our users shared their quickie secrets with us and the messages are still streaming in. 

Here is a selection. Maybe the perfect inspiration for your weekend?

"The beach, backseat of my car, on the couch and floor of the lounge with people in the room next door, public toilet at a sports club."

"At the back of an ambulance."

"In the back row of an almost empty movie house, only realised afterwards we were sitting right underneath a camera."

"Church toilet."

"On my car bonnet on the side of the road going to Doorndraaidam in Potgietersrus."

"Inside the late night last train, hence we were alone at the time and finished it off at the train station."

"Monte casino movie toilets and in my bakkie at swartkopz raceway."

"In a cinema during a movie...."

And finally, we received this gem:

"My then girlfriend was a hairdresser and we went one Saturday afternoon after shop closed back to the salon. We had sex in her chair!!
This same girl was very excitable we had sex backstage while the band played.
We also had sex in the blanket lobby at the back of a Jumbo 747 at night time on an overseas flight. We both the joined club 1000 between Cape Town and London!!
I also took this very same girl on a hunting trip in the Karoo and we did it doggy style whilst hunting!!
What an amazing woman
I recently bumped into her after some 30 years…………..
And that’s another story."

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