06 November 2015

Love is in the air…

Is love really just a four letter word?


The holiday season is fast approaching and it is clear that love is in the air, but what does this actually mean? Is love really just a four letter word?

Of course not! People have searched for the meaning of love since the beginning of time. Love is that butterfly feeling you feel when the thought of your loved one crosses your mind. We’ve heard of the saying, love yourself first in order to know how to love others.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, everyone deserves some TLC (tender loving care) even a new born baby can tell you that. Love makes the world go round.

“I’m too old” is something many mature women would say after a divorce, death of a spouse or if they haven’t met a partner yet. They feel they are too old to start over, to meet someone new or to date again. But this is simply not true.

We are living longer and healthier lives, so why not meet that someone special later in your life and fulfil all your needs? A psychologist once stated that some of the happiest, most satisfied couples he sees, are couples who met in later years. The beauty of ageing is that you are wiser, more confident and know what you need and deserve. 

You are even more in tune with your sexuality, therefore more open to trying out new things to bring intimacy and pleasure back. Sexuality for a women is more than the sexual act; it’s about mind, body and soul. Something new on the market to help bring sexual pleasure and intimacy back for women of all ages, is Evarmiles gel.

Evarmiles gel stimulates the female intimate area for a more pleasurable sexual experience while enhancing natural lubrication for more comfortable intimacy. Unlike other sexual products, Evarmiles is a unique, clinically tested, and patented formulation derived from the natural herb Visnadine.

Quite simply: you only need to apply a pea-sized amount of the gel to the external female genital area (clitoris and labia minora), 10 minutes before sexual intercourse or as needed. Evarmiles is endorsed by South Africa’s well-known Sexologist and Couples therapist Dr Eve. A recent local survey conducted by Dr Eve has shown quite impressive results, where the majority of women that participated in the survey gave it thumbs up! The beauty of the survey is that it reflects our South African diversity especially age wise (adults).

Evarmiles gel is sure to improve sexual well-being, confidence and intimacy for sexually active women.  It can be used on demand or as needed by those more sexually active. For ladies that have reached menopause, where dryness in the intimate area is a constant challenge, it is advisable that they use Evarmiles on daily basis to help bring back the ability to lubricate naturally. It can be used on a four weeks cycle by the menopausal women.

Sexuality should be satisfying and pleasurable not painful or avoided. Thank you Evarmiles for bringing back sexual pleasure.