Updated 23 July 2013

Kama again?

When reading anything about sex, the Kama Sutra is often mentioned. But what is it and what's it about?

When reading anything about sex, the Kama Sutra is often mentioned. But what is it and what's it about?

Kama has long been revered as the Hindu God of Love. Similar to Cupid, Kama has a bow that shoots love-producing arrows. The term "Kama" itself can be translated as love, pleasure and sensual gratification.

A "Sutra" is a collection of concise statements, a narrative or manual, written so they might be more easily memorized. In the case of Kama Sutra, scripture-like advice provides guidance not only on succeeding in the arts of love and sex (for which the book is most known), but also on attaining virtue and wealth. Providing sexual union and harmony between lovers through the use of the senses and erotic techniques.

This age-old manual transcends time and has served as the inspiration for many philosophies and products.

Many centuries ago, women were taught at puberty the ancient art of sacred sexuality. Scented oils and fragrances were used to enhance the senses and sexual pleasure. Bathing, massaging, and even feeding each other food such as fruit can be considered erotic foreplay.

Learning the techniques of the Kama Sutra for the giving of pleasure and the receiving of a sacred orgasm was merely a prelude for the many positions available. The various positions created a special mood while stimulating different erogenous zones to heighten sensitivity.

The purpose: to achieve orgasm and in turn share each other's essence while being elevated to a higher spiritual level. After an intense orgasm, we feel like we are in another dimension of time. The elevation to this higher level brought you closer to God. What a euphoric feeling!

As you practice the ancient art of lovemaking, you become aware of the sensations of skin touching skin, the sound of each breath, feeling your heartbeat while being mindful of the muscular tension that leads to an orgasmic state.

Sexual health is an essential part of health if we are to live a balanced life with heaven and earth. Our sexuality is an essential key, rather than an obstacle, in our connection with God.

Embracing the sacred and sexual contradicts the "sex is sin" stigma our Western culture has imposed upon us. Practicing the teachings of Kama Sutra while indulging in its lavish products can be as stimulating to the mind as to the body. – (Dr Elna McIntosh, Health24 sexologist)

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