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Kama Sutra preparation - Kissing

The Kama Sutra isn't just about sex. Kissing plays an important role in any couples relationship. Read on to learn some age old techniques.

The Sutra of kissing

Kissing is the first step a couple takes toward a sexually active relationship. It is a vital part of any couples time together, and if not enjoyed by both partners, can bring a quick end to any relationship.

The Kama Sutra describes many kisses. By recognising these moments in your relationship, you can help fine-tune them for maximum enjoyment from both you and your partner.

Kissing is also an essential part of foreplay, and cannot be overlooked when preparing for intercourse. Kissing also plays a role during intercourse, and aside from actual penetration, is one of the most personal and affectionate acts between a couple.

Bent kiss
“When the heads of the two lovers are bent toward each other, and when so bent, kissing takes place, it is called the bent kiss.”

This is perhaps the most popular of kisses.

The turned kiss
When one of the lovers turns up the face of the other (often by holding the chin), it is called the turned kiss.

This is a more personalised kiss, as it shows the intent of the kisser, who lifts his or hers partner’s chin.

The straight kiss
“When the lips of the two lovers are brought directly to each other, it is called a straight kiss.”

Clasping kiss
“When either the man or the woman takes both the lips of the other between his or her own, it is called the clasping kiss. A woman only takes this kind of kiss from a man with no moustache.”

Though an odd kiss, it can be considered something different.

Fighting for the tongue
“If, during the practice of a kiss, one of them touches the teeth, the tongue and the palate of the other with his or her tongue, it is called the fighting of the tongue.”

Most people will be able to recognise this kiss, as it is an extremely passionate kiss that can happen during heated sex or foreplay. A must to increase the intensity of a sexual encounter.

The kiss that kindles love
“When a woman looks at the face of her lover while he is asleep and kisses it to show her intention or desire to make love, it is called the kiss that kindles love.”

The kiss that turns way
“When one lover kisses the other while that lover is engaged in business or while he is looking at something else, so that his or her mind may be turned away, it is called the kiss that turns away.”

It is always a good idea to show your partner randomly during the day. An unexpected kiss is great for nurturing a relationship.

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