Updated 23 July 2013

Kama Sutra positions - Sitting

Take your bedroom antics to the next level. The Kama Sutra outlines some sitting positions to help keep things interesting.

Sitting positions

The monkey crushing spices
“If within the cave of her thighs you sit rotating your hips like a black bee, it is Markata, and if, in this pose, you turn away from her, it is Marditaka”.

“She sits with raised thighs, her feet placed either side of your waist and her hands lifting her up, and the linga (penis) enters the yoni (vagina), you rain hard blows upon her body: this is Kshudgaga”.

The foot yoke
“When your wife sits with both knees drawn tight to her body and you mirror this posture, allowing your left leg to slip through the middle of her legs, and for your linga to enter her yoni in that way by pushing it down under your thighs, it is known to experts in the art of love as Yugmapada”.

The feet Yoke
“Seated erect, the lovely girl folds one leg to her body and stretches the other along the bed, while you mirror her actions with your folded leg over her extended leg, and her extended leg under your folded leg, it is called Yugmapada”.

The svastika
“If, with left leg extended, she encircles your waist with her right leg, laying its ankle across her left thigh, and you do the same, it is called Svastika”.

The swing
“Sitting face to face in bed, her breasts pressed tight against your chest, let each of you lock heels behind the other's waist, and lean back clasping one another's wrists. Now, set the swing gently in motion, your beloved, in pretended fear, clinging to your body with her flawless limbs, cooing and moaning with pleasure: this is Dolita”.

The tortoise
“If, seated face to face, your toes caress the lovely woman's nipples with your linga pushed toward her yoni through your thighs, her feet press your chest and you make love holding each other's hands it is Kaurma”.

The peacock
“Seated, the lady raises one foot to point vertically over her head and steadies it with her hands, offering up her yoni for lovemaking: this is Mayura”.

The lotus
“If, sitting facing her, you grasp her ankles and fasten them like a chain behind your neck, and she grips her toes as you make love, it is the delightful Padma”.

The knot of fame
“Sitting erect, grip your lover's waist and pull her on to you, your loins continuously leaping together with a sound like the flapping of elephants' ears: this is Kirtibandha”.

(Warren Vonk,, August 2005)

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