Updated 23 July 2013

Kama Sutra - Episode 4

After sex is an important time for a couple. Read here to find out what the Kama Sutra has to say about how to handle the precious time after lovemaking.

Kama afterplay

The Kama Sutra emphasises that it is extremely impolite to fall asleep too soon after sex. Some of the most intimate and passionate moments can happen during this time. Both partners are relaxed, and full of endorphins and adrenaline, two hormones designed to make you feel good, so share and enjoy this time with each other.

It is also suggested in the Kama Sutra that both partners clean themselves after sex. A bath or shower together can be a great way to freshen up. Afterplay is a good time for laughter. Tickling, bed fighting and joking are all excellent ways wind down the passion of sex. After sex is a good time to chat and be open with one another. The Kama Sutra recommends participating in an ‘agreeable conversation’. Talk about what’s on your mind, or about your sex life. It will be easier discussing personal issues about yourself or your sexual relationship with your partner after you’ve just been through it. Sex can be a seriously draining experience. Like an athlete, your body needs to be replenished. The Kama Sutra suggests the couple eat something after sex, such as fruits, cold meats, or sweats. Mango’s, oranges and strawberries are especially good.

Spending sometime away from the bedroom after sex is not a bad idea, especially if it has been an extended session. If it’s a beautiful evening, go outside together. “The lovers may also sit on the terrace of the palace or house, and enjoy the moonlight,” says the Kama Sutra. The fresh air can be invigorating.

If you are feel comfortable, remain naked with your partner during this time. Being naked with someone is a showing of your trust in them. It also gives you both an opportunity to check each other out, which can be exciting.

An after session massage can also be a good way to wind down the evening. The Kama Sutra suggests using lotions and oils to help relieve tension in the muscles. This can be an especially relaxing experience, especially after an physically intense session.

The Kama Sutra says, “those things that increase passion should be done first, and those for amusement should be done afterward”. If you’ve had a long hard day at work, and if you’re planning for an evening of passion, don’t tell your partner before the act. Afterwards is a good time to get things off your chest.

The Kama Sutra

(Warren Vonk,, August 2005)

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