Updated 06 August 2013

Kama Sutra Episode 3

Perhaps the most famous part of the Kama Sutra is its sexual positions. We provide an indepth look at 44 of the best.

The Sexual Positions

This section of the Kama Sutra that outlines 69 sexual positions has perhaps become the most documented, and most popular section of the text, and has certainly become a favourite amongst countless connoisseurs of love.

The Kama Sutra places these sexual positions into four categories:

  • Lying down
  • Sitting
  • Rear entry
  • Standing
  • These positions have been specifically designed to increase the intensity of sexual congress between partners.

    In combination with some of the sexual techniques already learnt in this guide to the Kama Sutra, these positions will help develop you and your partners sexual repertoire well beyond that of the missionary position.

    In this guide, we give you 44 of the best Kama Sutra positions for you to try and enjoy.

    3) Sexual Congress

  • Lying down positions
  • Sitting positions
  • Rear entry positions
  • Standing positions

  • References
    The Kama Sutra

    (Warren Vonk, Health24)


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