12 August 2009

Guys, bring the house down

The much-maligned Missionary Position can lead to powerful orgasms for women, as long as the right pressure is applied. Here's how to get it right.

The much-maligned Missionary Position can lead to powerful orgasms for women, as long as the right pressure is applied. To get it right you need to know where the famous G-spot is and how to make it happy. Here’s how.

We realise all you blokes know where the female G-spot is. But here’s a reminder, just to be sure. Start with the appropriate amount of necking. Once she’s aroused, insert one or two fingers into your partner’s vagina, with the palm of your hand on her pubic mound.

Just inside the vagina you should be able to feel a coin-sized lump beneath your fingertips. It feels spongy, or a bit like a walnut and it's rich in nerve endings. Stroke it gently but firmly and you might feel it swell. This move should also generate an enthusiastic response from your partner.

Focus your moves
She might like you to give you an orgasm in this way, or she might prefer to have you inside her. To continue the G-spot stimulation, you can try what’s called the Realignment Technique. Lie flat and slide up toward her head. Encourage her to vary the angle of her legs and torso to where she feels the most sensation.

Remember that not everyone’s vagina runs into the body at the same angle, so experiment with different positions until you find one that well, hits the spot.

You can enter her vagina from behind, with her either kneeling or lying on the bed. She can also lie with her buttocks on the edge of the bed and her legs on your shoulders while you stand or kneel beside the bed. This will ensure that your penis is at an upward angle, maximizing contact with the G-spot.

In this position you’d be better off concentrating on rhythmic, firm pressure, rather than thrusting as though you’re in a rodeo. Having said that, if you’re hitting the right spot you might have to hold on once she starts to enjoy it.

Remember that you should only go for sexual gymnastics of any sort if you’re both confident and relaxed with them. It’s not something that you’re accomplishing, but something that you both share. That’s the best way to ensure the sound-effects that’ll rattle the rafters and have the neighbours talking. William Smook

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