12 April 2011

Feng Shui your bedroom

Not everyone believes that Feng Shui works, but those who do swear by it. And if your love life is out to lunch, these easy tips are worth a shot.


Not everyone believes that Feng Shui works, but those who do swear by it. And if your love life is out to lunch along with your partner and her high school friends, these easy tips are worth a shot.

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy of harnessing natural forces to promote well being, prosperity and harmony. It utilizes the idea that the layout of your home can create or destroy happiness.

If you’re planning to do the Feng Shui treatment to your bedroom you’ll need a compass. This will enable you to establish which direction each corner of the room faces.

Vanilla to thrill her

Each direction relates to a specific area of your life, so if you’re planning to revitalise your nooky quotient, it’s the southwest corner of your bedroom you’ll be working on.

Use an aromatherapy heater to warm some vanilla oil in the southwest corner of your room to enhance an impending or existing physical relationship. 

Remove any mirrors from the bedroom, as they increase the likelihood of infidelity. If you must have a mirror in the room, ensure that it doesn’t reflect the bed. 

Avoid having television sets, computer monitors or exercise equipment in the room. The first two exude negative yang energy. The latter detracts from the purpose of the room – pleasure and dreaming.

A set of fairy lights will stimulate feelings of affection and positive energy. 

Curtains, soft lights

Paint your bedroom in shades of yellow, the colour associated with partnerships. To ensure happiness and good communication in the relationship, place two pink candles in glass holders on either side of the bed.

To ensure a proper flow of passion, place a beaded curtain across the bedroom door – it’ll encourage energy and deflect infidelity.

Make sure that the bed doesn’t face the bedroom door. This can affect your partner’s health. Your bed should also have a solid headboard and the space under the bed shouldn’t be used as storage space – it causes emotional baggage.

The head of the bed should face north and shouldn’t be under a window. It should also be in the area furthest from the door. Your feet shouldn’t face the door, as your energy will flow out through the doorway.

If you have artwork in the room it should be peaceful and serene. Even if you’re a Goya connoisseur, avoid having his masterpieces in the bedroom.

And even if you don’t buy the idea of feng shui, having an uncluttered, sweet-smelling, candlelit bedroom can’t do any harm. (Health24, updated April 2011)


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