Updated 04 October 2013

Choice kissing tips

Kissing is one of the most intimate acts we can share with a partner, in fact there are times when kissing is more intimate than sex, says Jonti Searll.


Kissing is one of the most intimate acts we can share with a partner, in fact there are times when kissing is more intimate than sex. Kissing brings us closer together than anything else. It expresses our emotional state because it is so intimate.

"Kissing is arousing and enables us to express our feelings so well. It allows us to taste the essence of the other person, their personhood, as well as their bodily secretions. It draws us into that well of our own desire – and the emotions that kissing produces in us can be so profound that we prefer to turn away from our own desires," says sexologist Dr Eve.

Here are a few choice kissing tips:

  • Touch your mouths gently together and slowly increase the contact and the pressure, but keep your lips soft.
  • When you begin to tongue kiss, start slowly. Gradually spend more time using your tongue.
  • Move your tongue in your partner’s mouth slowly. Explore all the surfaces of their mouth, their teeth, gums, palate etc.
  • Nibble and suck their lips.
  • In the Tantric literature there is a link reported between the frenulum, the flap of skin that joins the top lip to the gum and the clitoris. You can stimulate this by sucking her top lip.
  • Be creative in how you kiss, don't always do the same thing.
  • Try kissing exactly as your partner does, play copycat.
  • Kiss with lots of loud kissing noises.
  • Keep your eyes open and maintain eye contact while kissing.
  • Make different shapes with your tongue, e.g., pointy and sharp or loose and round.
  • Make your lips vibrate as if you’re making a humming noise.

Remember that your kisses can travel…

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