17 January 2006

Centrum tip - STI info can save your life

How much do you really know about sexually transmitted infections (STIs)? The following facts could save your life, or at least, prevent an embarrassing visit to the doctor.

Take action:
Many STIs have no visible symptoms at all – just because someone looks healthy, you cannot assume it is safe to have unprotected sex with them; use a condom, even during oral sex – this can prevent most STIs (but not pubic lice); be aware of chlamydia – adolescent women are particularly prone to this STI, which can lead to infertility and can go undetected for years; herpes, genital warts and HIV are all incurable – in the case of the first two, treatment can relieve the symptoms, but no medication can make any of these three STIs disappear; the risk of cervical cancer rises with HPV infection – women who have been diagnosed with HPV should go for a Pap smear every six months.

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