14 August 2006

Centrum tip – How to use a condom

Teens who use condoms often don't use them properly. British researchers report that many teens put the condom on too late, and that about 10% of those who use a condom, remove it too soon.

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The correct use of condoms remains one of the most effective ways in which to prevent HIV, STIs and unwanted pregnancy: only use new, high-quality condoms; store condoms in a cool, dark, dry place; open the wrapper carefully so that the condom doesn't tear; use condoms from start to finish during oral, anal or vaginal sex; never use oil-based lubricants with male condoms; in putting on the condom, make sure the condom is the right way around; squeeze the empty space at the end of the condom to remove the air; unroll the condom all the way to the base of the penis; if the condom tears during sex, withdraw the penis immediately and put on a new condom; after ejaculation, withdraw the penis while it's still erect.

See it in pictures: How to use a male condom

Special focus today: HIV+: 1 in 3 don't use condoms


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