Updated 27 June 2014

Creating a sensual space

Put the spark back into your sex life by creating a sensual space for you and your partner. You can create the space together or do it as a gift for your loved one.


Use these tips from Jonti Searll, a sensualist:

* change the lights in the room – light candles, cover lamps with coloured cloths or change the colours of the globes;

* choose music with no words to set the tone – music with words will only have you singing along in your head;

*  make sure the room is warm – if you’re not warm, you can’t relax;

*  have lots of pillows, blankets, snacks, towels – whatever you think you’ll need for the experience;

*  use rose petals to make the space really beautiful, but bear in mind that these petals can stain sheets.

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