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7 sex hotspots (Part 3)

Parts two and one of the 7 best sex hotspots.


2. On the beach
Risk: 7
Difficulty: 7
Pleasure count: 7

Sex on the beach doesn’t merely have to be just a tasty cocktail anymore. Spending a romantic moonlit evening on the dunes dressed in nothing but sexy swimwear should help spice up even the dullest of sexual relationships.

Assuming it’s a perfect evening with very little wind and not too cold, not much can go wrong in this scenario. Having sex in nature is an invigorating experience, as it helps to release inhabitations. Consequently, make as much noise as you want.

This is also an opportunity to get in touch with your animal side. Don’t be afraid to get a bit rough. Grunt and growl to your hearts content – the only things you are likely to shock are the nesting seagulls.

Remember also, that it’s just you and her. It’s a great occasion to spend some quality time together. Take some food and a bottle of wine, and really get to know one another. You will be surprised how being alone in the open can bring a couple together.

There are only three things that could turn sex on the beach into a nightmare – sand, bugs and sunburn.

It has been a long known fact that sand can seriously hamper the sexual enjoyment of a couple on the beach. Not only can it lead to painful friction burns during penetration, but can also lead to infection of the vagina or foreskin due to the bacteria that is found in sand.

Inevitably, when you spend time outside, you are going to run into some bugs. Being naked for most of the evening further increases your chances of getting into an unwanted incident with a pesky insect. Beware of mosquitoes, spiders and other scurrying critters when choosing your campsite of love.

It may be cute to fall asleep in one another’s arms, but if you don’t wake up before the sun comes out, you might be find yourselves burnt to a crisp by the time you leave.

Preparation is of utmost importance when planning for an evening on the beach. Take a large, thick blanket, preferably made up of nylon like material. This will stop sand coming through the material as you roll around on top of it.

Sand is always going to be a problem, but there are some ways you can avoid it becoming too much of a hassle:

  • Take a lot of water. This way you can clean your feet over the sand while sitting on the blanket before placing them onto it
  • Try and secure the corners of the blanket with poles or heavy objects. This will keep the blanket spread out, and help prevent any further sand from finding its way in between your entangled bodies
  • If sand does get onto your extremities – use water to wash it away before a nasty rash sets in.
  • If you plan to stay the entire night outside on the beach, it may be a good idea to take a can of bug repellent or a couple of candles containing citronella to fend off any potential nippers.

    Finally, if you plan on sleeping in one another’s arms until dawn, make sure to put on some sunscreen to help prevent harmful morning sunburn.

    1. The sauna

    Risk: 2
    Difficulty: 2
    Pleasure count:10

    What could be more breathtaking than your partner standing naked before you, beckoning you forward for some good loving? How about that same partner, naked

    before you, but this time wet and glistening. That’s enough to get anyone’s juices flowing.

    Slogging it out in a steamy sauna could be one of the most sensual and erotic experiences of your life. It’s hot, it’s sweaty, it’s extremely personal, and it just might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

    Not only will you both receive a wonderful session of exfoliation and steam cleansing, but your heightened senses will take those orgasms to the next level.

    In a sauna, your body doesn’t quite get enough oxygen, which helps to intensify your senses. Your body temperature also soars, which gets the blood flowing rapidly in all the right bits.

    You will both be wet and slippery. Use this to your advantage when trying different positions and techniques.

    A consistent lack of oxygen is not good for the brain. Extended sessions in a sauna may be damaging to your body, because of this lack of oxygen, and because of the heightened body temperature.

    If you don’t have a sauna at home, then the only option is to take your steamy exploits public. This means a visit to the local gym sauna, which could lead to you being discovered by a pimply towel-boy.

    Gym saunas may not be the most hygienic places to be naked in. After all, it is the place where sweaty men end up after a long workout.

    The most important thing is to have the sauna hot and ready for your arrival. Make sure to get the steam going well before entering the sauna for a session of passion. Entering a cold, damp sauna room will completely kill the mood.

    If you don’t have a sauna at home, then your local gym is the only option. Saunas at gyms are generally very popular venues, so it might be difficult to secure a couple of hours for just you two.

    Check if your gym’s sauna has lockable doors. Then slip that pimply towel-boy a 50, and tell him to lock you and your partner in for an hour.

    If you are worried about hygiene, take more towels in with you, and lay them on the floor or on the benches to help prevent your skin coming into contact with any nasty surfaces.

    Remember not to get caught, as sex in public is illegal.

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