24 June 2020

Stay safe, stay happy this winter with health essentials

Can you believe it’s already that time of the year? Lazy days spent indoors (where else!), a heater by your side, and, of course, a cup of tea or even hot chocolate if you’re feeling a bit cheeky.


Can you believe it’s already that time of the year? Lazy days spent indoors (where else!), a heater by your side, and, of course, a cup of tea or even hot chocolate if you’re feeling a bit cheeky. 

But with winter comes those extra steps needed to stay healthy and happy throughout a season chilly days and icy nights. Balanced meals, regular exercise, functional work-from-home spaces, and vitamin boosts are all essential ingredients for winter self-care. That said, no one wants to leave the nest and brave mall queues right now.

Luckily, online shopping is easier than ever. From workout gear to essential supplements, low carb cookbooks and even appliances to make healthy cooking a breeze, South Africa’s leading online retailer has everything you need this winter. even has a free shopping app for quick and easy shopping anytime and anywhere using your smartphone. And, if it’s your first time shopping with them you’ll get FREE contactless delivery to your door. For those feeling more than a little cooped up… there are over 50 Takealot Pickup Points for quick, safe and hygienic collection.

Ready to shop the safe and easy way?

It goes without saying that 2020 has not been a year of sunny outdoor activity. With all this time spent indoors, many are faced with a lack of vitamin D which can cause fatigue, a low mood and even muscle aches. Fortunately, stocks a wide range of vitamins and supplements from leading brands, all at great everyday low prices.

Air fry your way to a healthier lifestyle with the Philips - XXL Twin Turbostar Airfryer. A true powerhouse when it comes to kitchen appliances, there’s a reason why it has dozens of five-star reviews. shoppers have fallen in love with this appliance as it ditches tons amounts of unhealthy oils and speeds up cooking time - perfect for eating healthy despite a busy work life.

Staying active has never been more important. In fact, it’s a great way to boost your mood and immune system at the same time. Consider it the two-for-one health boost, and let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good deal?

For those kicking it old school; break out the DVD player and load up definitive Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo® workout.

Low carb will always be lekker here in South Africa. Whether you’re a home chef or braai master, the team behind Tim Noakes’ famous Real Meal Revolution have brought you hundreds of recipes for mouth-watering dishes. Even better? It comes with dozens of easy how-to cooking lessons to up your kitchen game.

Want to kickstart your winter cooking? Check out’s full range of cookbooks here. Dig in!

CBD is all the rage, and for good reason! Mellow out and get a good night’s sleep with’s range of CBD supplements. Vegan-friendly and cruelty-free, APEX CBD mouth spray can aid the treatment of anxiety, depression and even inflammation. 

Looking to stay in shape while tackling a day job? Give your abs the workout of a lifetime with a high-quality yet affordable pilates ball. Whether you’re replacing that creaky office chair or kitting out your home gym, it’s a must-have piece of exercise equipment. 

Need to burn off those lockdown calories? Shop thousands of sports equipment guaranteed to break a sweat, not the bank.

With many safe and easy ways to pay, including Debit and Credit Card, and a hassle-free 30 day returns policy, is your go-to solution for staying healthy this winter.

This post and content is sponsored, written and provided by Takealot.


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