Updated 01 October 2020

South Africans get ready for #MentadentPSmileDay

Join Mentadent P as they acknowledge and celebrate National Oral Health Month, September 2020.


When was the last time you smiled without a mask? Since the beginning of lockdown, for nearly six months now, South Africans have had to cover their faces. That means no-one outside of our homes has been able to see us smile. 

With the easing of lockdowns, we’ve had the opportunity to slowly start getting back to normal, making us realise how much we’ve missed smiling at our loved ones and even strangers. 

Now more than ever, every smile matters – especially during these difficult times. Oral Hygiene Champion, Mentadent P knows that the power of a smile can transform the mood and uplift those around you. It can change your day, motivate you, and give you the boost you need.

Untreated tooth decay is the world’s most widespread disease affecting almost 1 in 2 people. 1 in 12 children won’t smile because of their dental health.

To date, Mentadent P has taught over 2 million grade 1 learners oral health education, across the country through the National Schools Hygiene Programme in partnership with the Department of Basic Education and plans to reach 5 million children by 2021. Through this programme, Mentadent P is able to give back and protect children’s smiles while encouraging behavior change to reduce poor oral hygiene, reduce absences related to tooth decay and show South African children that their smiles matter. 

“We are proud of the work we do, together with our partners, ensuring we educate and empower as many children as possible to adopt good oral hygiene habits from a young age,” said Phumla Zondi, Assistant Brand Manager, Oral Care, Unilever South Africa.

This National Oral Health Month, September 2020, Mentadent P is on a quest to equip, educate and remind consumers and children about the benefits of good oral hygiene.But that’s not all, we are gearing up for Mentadent P Smile Day on 20 October 2020. 

South Africans have been smiling but now Mentadent P is encouraging us to share our smiles, further proving the power of a smile. 

To join the cause, create a video of how you and your family will be getting ready to smile ahead of Mentadent P’s Smile Day (20 Oct), to put the power of the smile to the test and get the rest of the country smiling again. All you need to do is smile and we will do the rest (T’s & C’s: Smile Responsibly and Upload Content from Home).

Or, try any variant from the full range today to support Mentadent P’s mission to give back, protect children’s smiles and help support oral health education in South African Schools in partnership with the Department of Basic Education.  

Mentadent P’s Range:

Mentadent P has a variety of products designed for the different needs of the whole family.

The adult range includes Gel Protection, Sensitive, Protection, Micro Granules, Herbal and even a Whitening variant that is clinically proven fluoride toothpaste with gum protection.

The kids range comprises two exciting flavours, Bubblegum and Strawberry, sure to impress your child’s taste buds while encouraging brushing teeth twice a day to clean and strengthen teeth for the future.

This post was sponsored, supplied and paid for by Mentadent P. 


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