Updated 14 February 2017

WATCH: 4 more reasons to love chocolate this Valentine’s Day

Because if ever there was a cheat day, today’s the day.


1. It’s dependable

Chocolate will never stand you up on a date, will always make you feel happy and, if it’s the good, bean-to-bar kind with a high cocoa content, it’s said to release hormones called phenylethylamines that give you the same giddy feeling that falling in love does. Oh, l’amour.

2. It gets on well with others

Good as it is on its own – here’s looking at you, single origin 70% chocolate – chocolate is a match made in heaven with a host of delicious ingredients. Case in point: chai milk chocolate, peppermint and roasted macadamia milk chocolate, coffee and cardamom dark chocolate and lime and ginger dark chocolate. The list goes on…

3. It’s adaptable

While we all know a good bar of chocolate doesn’t need any embellishment, it’ll happily take centre-stage in whichever showstopper dessert you have planned for Valentine’s Day (date or none, we’re not judging). And the sweet treat doesn’t even have to be complicated to make: think pear slices or fresh figs dipped into dark chocolate and finished off with desiccated coconut or flaked almonds. Or, if you’re loosening the reins a little bit, melted chocolate piped into ready-made doughnuts. Watch and learn…


4. It has a whole lot of heart

Depending on the chocolate you choose to buy, you can make a positive difference. If your slab or bar features an UTZ Certified label, it means the chocolate was made from cocoa that was sustainably farmed and sourced. How’s that for feel-good food? 

Part of Woolworths’ Good Business Journey Programme is its commitment to using only UTZ Certified cocoa. It’s a commitment Woolies takes seriously – 100% of the cocoa used in Woolies’ private-label boxed chocolates, bars and slabs is responsibly sourced. By June 2018, all cocoa as an ingredient in Woolworths-branded foods will be UTZ Certified.


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