Updated 31 January 2017

Love grapes? You’ll love these ways to eat them

Straight from the fruit bowl is fine and all, but there are some surprisingly delicious ways with grapes you need to try.


Toss that boring fruit salad to the side and put your grapes to maximum use with these tasty recipes!

Mozzarella-and-grape salad with anchovy dressing

Use the back of a fork to crush 6 anchovy fillets, then whisk with 2 cloves crushed garlic, juice of 1 lemon and ¼ cup olive oil until combined.

Toss 12 crushed and pitted green olives with halved red and green grapes (one bunch of each), ¼ cup chopped parsley and 1 ball torn buffalo mozzarella.

Drizzle over the dressing and serve immediately.

Grilled calamari steaks with grape salad and home-made mayo

Use a vegetable peeler to create long, thin shavings from 2 stalks celery and 1 bunch fennel. Mix with a good dollop of mayonnaise*. Toss with a handful of green grapes, a few lettuce leaves and 2 avos, cut into halves. Using a sharp knife, score the surface of 4 calamari steaks in a criss-cross pattern. Rub the calamari with 2 T olive oil and squeeze over the juice of 2 limes, then season to taste. Flash fry in a hot griddle pan or cook over smouldering braai coals for 2 minutes on each side. Serve warm on top of the salad.

*To make the mayo: Place 1 free-range egg, 1 T lemon juice, 2 t Dijon mustard and 1 clove garlic in a blender and blend until combined. With the blender still running, slowly add 1 cup olive oil in a thin, steady stream until the mixture is thick and creamy

Vodka-and-grape cooler

Having guests for dinner and all out of ideas? Impress them with this refreshing pre-dinner drink. Place 1 tot vodka into 4 chilled glasses. Halve 100g red or green grapes, divide between the glasses and top wih crushed ice and red Grapetizer. Cheers!

Tuck into Woolies’ grapes knowing that they’re farmed with tomorrow in mind - using water, fertiliser and pesticides responsibly. Find out more about how Woolworths is committed to sustainable farming practices, through its Farming For The Future programme.


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