Is my child eating properly?

Toddlers are often very difficult to feed, and a varied diet may be difficult to obtain. Take this quiz to see if you are doing what is best to optimise your toddler’s health.

Does your toddler eat breakfast every morning?

What does your toddler eat for breakfast?

How much milk (formula, cows or soy) is your toddler drinking daily?

How much dairy does your child eat besides milk in a day? 1 serving= ½ cup yoghurt or matchbox size of cheese or 1-2 tablespoons cottage cheese

What does your toddler drink during the day besides milk?

How many fruit servings does your toddler eat each day? 1 serving = half a whole raw fruit or ½ a cup fresh fruit juice.

How many dark green or yellow vegetable servings does your child eat a day? 1 serving = approx. ½ cup

How much protein in the form of meat, fish, poultry or legumes does your toddler eat? 1 serving = 1 matchbox size meat or ¼ cup cooked dried beans or 1-2 tablespoons of peanut butter

How many meals does your toddler eat daily?

Does your toddler take a multivitamin supplement regularly?

How often is your toddler physically active?

How often does your toddler eat any of the following? Chocolates or sweets, crisps or fried potato chips, or other junk food

Do you know your toddler’s current weight?

Do you weigh your child regularly at a clinic and plot their weight on the Road to Health chart provided at birth?

How often do you de-worm your child?