Am I healthy for breastfeeding?

How many glasses of water do you drink daily?

How many cups of tea or coffee do you drink daily?

How many alcoholic beverages do you consume on average per week?

Are you taking a multi-vitamin supplement?

How often do you consume milk (cows or soya)?

How often do you consume yoghurt (175ml)?

How often do you consume cheese (such as hard cheddar)?

How often do you consume salmon/pilchards with bones, green leavy vegetables such as spinach, or tofu?

If you do not eat dairy at all, do you take a calcium supplement?

Does your Body Mass Index (BMI) fall within the normal range? BMI = weight/ (height x height) Normal = 19-26

Would you regard your eating pattern and habbits as healthy?

Do you try and eat 3 regular meals or 6 smaller nutritious snacks during the day?

Do you eat a t least 5 different servings of fruit and vegetables during the day?

Do you eat at least one serving of protein during the day? 1 serving = 1 chicken breast/ piece of fish/ palm size red meat/ 1 cup lentils or beans/ 1 large egg

How often do you exercise? 1 session = 30-45 minutes

If food allergies are common in you or your husband's family, are you trying to exclude the common foods while breastfeeding? E.g peanuts

Do you find that certain foods you eat affect your baby/ E.g colic or cramps when eating onions and cabbage? If yes do you

Are you exclusively breastfeeding? I.E. not supplementing baby's feeds with formula milk, juice or water (if younger than six months of age)

How long are you planning to breastfeed for?

Do you have your child weighed on a regular basis at the doctor or clinic?

Is your child growing according to his/her growth chart growth curve?

Do you smoke?