Updated 08 October 2018

Week 39: 1 week to go!

If you haven't given birth yet, this is what might be happening.

It's almost that time...

Your baby's progress:

  • Your baby settles into the pelvis and is now protected by the pelvic bones.
  • The lungs are functional.
  • Your baby fills most of the uterus and isn't able to move around much anymore.
  • Most of the downy coat of lanugo has disappeared.
  • Your baby may have a full head of hair.

Your progress:

  • Walking may become more difficult because the baby has dropped and engaged into the pelvis.
  • You will need to visit the toilet more often because of pressure on your bladder.
  • By now, you would probably have put on between up to 14 kilograms.

What to do:

  • Make sure you've finalised your last minute preparations.
  • Give your partner a list of people who need to be contacted when your baby is born.
  • If you are having a C-section, read up on or speak to your doctor about the pros and cons of the procedure.

Good to know:

  • Have you thought about a lactaction consultant for assistance with breastfeeding? Ask friends and family for recommendation, as breastfeeding doesn't always come naturally to some moms. 

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