Updated 08 October 2018

Week 33: 7 weeks to go!

Your baby now weighs about 2kgs, and you have a nice excuse for some retail therapy!


In just under two months, you'll be saying hi to your little one.

Your baby's progress:

  • Your baby weighs about 2 kilograms.
  • Your baby is about 48 centimetres long.
  • Your baby’s skin colour has turned from red to pink thanks to increased fat accumulation.
  • Your baby’s head size has increased substantially because of rapid brain growth.
  • Fat continues to be deposited under the skin. This will help your baby regulate temperature after birth.

Your progress:

  • You may be suffering from heartburn.
  • Your feet and ankles may be swollen from water retention (oedema).
  • If you suddenly feel swollen or puffy in your hands or face, experience severe headaches, abdominal pain and nausea or vomitting, call your doctor immediately. You may be suffering from pre-eclampsia.

What to do:

  • Go shopping and start stocking up on front-fastening nighties and comfortable clothing for breastfeeding.
  • Read up on or speak to your doctor for tips on relieving heartburn.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to reduce water retention.

Good to know:

  • Get plenty of rest now, take frequent naps and stay energised with light walking. 


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