Updated 08 October 2018

Week 28: 12 weeks to go!

You are now entering the third and final trimester!

Welcome to the third trimester! This is a time of extensive brain maturation, system rehearsal and transformation into a fully developed baby.

For you, it may be a period of heartburn, leg cramps, haemorrhoids, itchy skins and indigestion. Don’t despair – exciting times are ahead.

Your baby's progress:

  • The eyes are formed – complete with eyelids and eyebrows.
  • The lungs can breathe oxygen.
  • The hair continues to grow.
  • Muscle tone improves.
  • Your baby starts to recognise your voice.
  • Posture straightens so that the internal organs can shift to their proper positions.
  • Baby may start to suck his or her thumb.

Your progress:

  • You may find that you leak urine when you sneeze. This is very common during pregnancy.
  • You may drop things and trip easily. This is normal because of a loosening of the joints and water retention.

What to do:

  • Do Kegel exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. This will reduce the likelihood of leaking urine and prepare your body for labour.
  • Talk to your baby...
  • If you're working, start planning for maternity leave. 
  • Speak to your doctor about having a glucose tolerance test.

Good to know:

  • Even if you're feeling sick, it's still important to have breakfast. Try dry toast if you're queasy.

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