28 August 2012


PREDICTOR®, your partner at the beginning of your life-changing nine-month journey


Conception is the first miracle. Being able to detect it early with PREDICTOR ® is a close second – especially for those who’ve been trying to fall pregnant for some time. Predictor ® allays the anxiety of knowing, easily and swiftly.

PREDICTOR ® was launched in 1971 and was the world’s first home pregnancy test kit. Over the last 41 years PREDICTOR ® has been a partner for countless women eagerly waiting for news of what is undeniably a life-changing moment.

Soon after conception, the cells that will become the placenta begin to produce a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). Pregnancy tests give their results by detecting hCG levels in the urine. Whilst many tests suggest waiting until the first day of a missed period, pregnancy tests are able to detect hCG levels earlier. 

The sensitivity of the pregnancy test is measured as mIU/ml (milli-International Unit per millilitre).  They range in sensitivity from 10mIU/ml to 40mIU/ml – the lower the number, the more sensitive the test and the earlier it can detect pregnancy.

PREDICTOR ® has come a long way since being the world’s first home pregnancy test kit. Thanks to advancements in research and technology, PREDICTOR ® now offers women three options to find out the good news quickly and accurately:

  • PREDICTOR ® Mono or Duo packs detect an hCG level of 25mIU/ml and are over 99% accurate. The test is aimed at women who suspect that they may be pregnant and are looking for confirmation. The duo pack is useful for double checking the results. It’s a fact that 74% of women buy two or more home pregnancy tests to detect and then confirm pregnancy. 
  • PREDICTOR ® EARLY is aimed at women who are most anxious to know as soon as possible and would prefer not to wait. Being 99% accurate, it is able to detect a hCG level of 12.5mIU/ml and provide resultsfour days before the expected onset of a period. That said, hCG patterns in early pregnancy vary between individuals and not all women reach a detectable hCG level of 12.5 mIU/ml four days before a period. If the test is negative, they should test again on the day of the expected period.
  • PREDICTOR ® EARLY+ supports urgent detection. It’s a duo pack that contains one PREDICTOR ® EARLY to test four days before the anticipated start of menstruation and one PREDICTOR ® to confirm pregnancy.

PREDICTOR ® is in the enviable position of helping women confirm one of life’s most exciting events – the advent of a baby, a unique and wondrous creation that will begin the journey of a lifetime.

  • PREDICTOR Mono ® is priced at R 39.95 – R 44.95
  • PREDICTOR Duo ® is priced at R 69.95 – R 79.95
  • PREDICTOR ® EARLY is priced at R 49.95 – R 54.95
  • PREDICTOR ® EARLY+ is priced at R 79.95 – R 89.95

PREDICTOR ® is available available at leading pharmacies nationwide.

For more information, call OMEGALabs on 011 709 9000, visit

About OMEGALabs

OMEGALabs is a new OTC medicines company in South Africa. OMEGALabs was formed through the conclusion of a joint venture between the Omega Pharma N.V. located in Belgium and CAVI Brands (Pty) Ltd of  South Africa. The JV was formed with the intention of commercialising the exceptional pipeline of Omega Pharma Brands which are currently sold in over 30 countries.

Our brands are available worldwide and are made to the highest quality standards.

OMEGALabs brand portfolio currently includes WARTNER®, Silence®, Predictor® and Bergasol®.


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