14 July 2010

Infertility support FAQs

Our Infertility Support forum is an online community where users support one another, sharing their experiences on the journey to conceive.

Learning that you have fertility problems can be devastating. Trying to conceive can be a long, stressful and emotional business, and a very costly endeavour. Our Infertility Support Forum is an understanding and tight-knit community, where users share their experiences and offer support.

Take a look at the questions most frequently asked and how others trying to conceive have dealt with and overcome the obstacles.

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Q: Can I have a baby after I have been sterilized?

I have been sterilized but now I want children, what can be done?

A: You can do IVF. Sterilization reversal is very expensive and it's not guaranteed at all. I know IVF is not guaranteed as well, but you can go for about two IVF's for the price of a reversal. I hope this helps!

Q: I am having an X-ray to see if my tubes are blocked, anyone gone through this?

My Dr. suggested I have a HSG (X-ray) to see whether my tubes are blocked - this could be the reason why I'm not falling pregnant. Any advice? Been trying to conceive for almost 7yrs - not ovulating.

A: I think it's the x-ray where they push fluid through the tubes - I can' t remember all the names - but I have heard of so many people who have had it done and fallen pregnant afterwards because the fluid sometimes unblocks some little blockage there may have been. I went for drilling and they did this test at the same time - two months later I fell pregnant. I wasn't ovulating either. Good Luck.

Q: Has anyone used Clomid and does it help?

My husband and I went for a check-up after trying for 2 years , he was sent to do a sperm check up and I did a blood test on the 21st day of my cycle. The results came back, mine came back negative and the doctor told me that I'm not ovulating at all, whilst hubby's results came back positive, so I'm the one who has a problem. I'm so stressed, but my man is very supportive. The doctor booked me to go and see a specialist and he told me that I'll be given Clomid. He also told me that I will be able to conceive within 3 months - has any one used Clomid before and does it help?

A: I do not mean to be negative, but I do feel that your doc is wrong to give you such high hopes. He cannot say that you will be able to conceive within three months. That's just wrong. Trying to conceive is difficult and giving one hope such as this makes things worse. I was on Clomid for almost a year and I never conceived. I ovulated on my own and doc figured that the Clomid would boost my ovulation. It did not work at all. My doc had also said I would conceive within 3 months when I went to him thereafter I could see that he was surprised I had not conceived. He put me on Clomid again for a further six months and I did not conceive. Instead I got a cyst and my cycles got a bit messed up. I had an HSG and later a laparoscopy done and again put on Clomid and still no baby. Through all this I just did not understand what was wrong with me. I had conceived before without any difficulty and now this!

I was finally referred to a fertility specialist who recommended IVF.  Clomid does work for others but not for all. I would say that enter this journey of trying to conceive with an open mind. It may happen early BUT it could also happen some years down the line after having gone through other forms of fertility treatment!

Q: How long does it take to conceive?

I'm 39yrs, my last injection was in May 2009 and I've not conceived yet. My gynae prescribed Fertomid 50 for 3 months. I'm on 2 months now - still nothing seems like it just doesn't want to happen.  Does it normally take this long?  I have 2 children and with both of them it was really easy to conceive. What do I need to do as we really want another baby?

A: At 39 your chances of conceiving are reduced, but you would still be able to conceive, but it may take longer. Has your gynae send you for any blood tests to see that you hormone levels are ok?

Next question does your gynae monitor your Fertomid cycles with a scan to see if you're responding to it? My fertility specialist says Fertomid without any monitoring is a waste of time. I am also 39 (40 very soon) and am also trying for baby no. 2.  We have male fertility problems and our first was conceived with artificial insemination. We had another 6 attempts in the past year and just cancelled our 1st IVF attempt due to poor response. As you're nearing menopause, the quality and quality of your eggs play a big role in your ability to conceive. This is our second problem at the moment. I think you should see a fertility specialist, before wasting too much time on Fertomid.

Q: Trying to conceive, but not getting my period - what could be wrong?

My husband and I want to start a family. My gynea  told me to stop using the birth control pill. Which I did, but the problem is I can’t seem to get a period now. I need to know what I can do to get a period. It has been a month now since I stopped taking the pill. I need to get a period to be come ready. Please help, any advice?

A: I would go back to the gynaecologist and ask him to prescribe something for you to get your period going again. Also, a month is a short time, perhaps wait another month and see what happens before visiting your gynae.

A painful road…

"We have been trying to conceive for nearly three years. I am 33 now and my husband 31. We have had several tests, done the semen analysis which is fine. I had endometriosis and a laparoscope last January. I still have the pain so I am concerned it is back or that I have cysts. I am desperate to talk to someone who understands how I feel. Every month is a disappointment when the telltale signs of my period start. Every time I go on to Facebook one of my friends is sharing the joy of her pregnancy, friends talking about their kids etc. When I go to the shops all I see are moms, expectant moms, baby goods etc .. it is like a conspiracy against me. I just want to cry all the time. People who have had no trouble conceiving just tell me to be patient, have faith... my favourite: "It will happen when the time is right" ... could someone tell me when that is? Just so we're on the same page. I am about to go to the Fertility clinic for IVF or whatever other option regardless of cost (somehow I will make a plan to afford it) and say to hell with trying to conceive naturally. I feel like a complete wreck. If there is someone out there who understands just how I feel - it would be nice to have some support …"

(Health24, May 2010)


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