Updated 09 May 2013

Mom-to-be? Get moving!

Pregnant women often wonder up until what stage of pregnancy exercise is safe.

Pregnant women often wonder up until what stage of pregnancy exercise is safe. Although exercise might be risky in some cases, the benefits of exercising during pregnancy generally far outweigh the risks, and many women can exercise up until the third trimester.

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Consult your doctor before beginning an exercise programme – every pregnancy is different and only your doctor knows your current medical condition; if you get too exhausted or overheated, you should stop exercising; do not skimp on your diet if you exercise during pregnancy, but keep in mind that a normal pregnancy only requires 1 300 extra kilojoules per day; choose low-impact aerobic activities like swimming, cycling or walking; avoid exercises that could result in a loss of balance and result in a fall, or exercises where something could hit your stomach; and drink enough water before, during and after exercising.

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