05 January 2016

Bumper crop of New Year babies for Western Cape

New Year's Day stared off with a bang with more than 100 babies born in the Western Cape.


Western Cape Government Health is proud to announce the birth of 116 babies as reported by public health facilities throughout the Western Cape on New Year’s Day 2016.

The total number comprises of 70 boys and 46 girls. 72 of these babies were born in the Cape Town Metropole and 44 in rural districts.

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No multiple births were reported at any of the facilities.

New Somerset Hospital delivered the largest number of New Year's babies where 17 babies (4 boys and 13 girls) were welcomed, followed by Mitchells Plain Hospital with 12 births (7 boys and 5 girls).

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The first baby was born at 00h05 – a baby boy born at Beaufort-West Hospital weighing 2, 6 kg and 51cm in length, while another baby boy was born at 00:13 at Mowbray Maternity Hospital weighing 3, 3 kg and 51cm in length.

Western Cape Government Health congratulates all the new arrivals to their new life on New Year’s Day. 

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