Updated 05 September 2016

10 most popular baby stories

From not knowing you are having a baby to breastfeeding . . . These are the most-loved baby stories on Health24.


It can be daunting to be a first-time parent. A newborn baby needs a lot of care and attention.

We looked at the 10 most popular baby stories on Health24 to give you a comprehensive overview.

A simple solution for inverted nipples

As many as one in ten women suffer from flat or inverted nipples. This condition is defined by a nipple that does not respond to a ‘pinch test’, the cold, or stimulation by becoming erect. Moms with flat or inverted nipples can potentially have a problem when wanting to breastfeed their babies.

‘I didn't know I was pregnant’

‘Cryptic pregnancy’ occurs when a woman doesn't know she is pregnant, and the phenomenon is more common than most people think.

Am I feeding my baby correctly?

Mothers are often worried if their babies are getting all the nutrients they need. It can be overwhelming to determine the needs of your baby. Use this quiz as a guide to giving your baby a great nutritional start in life.

Why do babies lose their hair?

If your baby was born with a full head of hair, which has since fallen out, the good news is that in most cases this is a completely normal process and nothing to worry about. Why are some babies born with a full head of hair, only to lose it and have it grow back, while others are born nearly bald?

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Newborns have memories from womb

If you feel like talking to your foetus in the womb, a new study suggests you should: The research finds that babies develop a memory of words they hear frequently before they are born.

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Preemies’ brains boosted by breast milk

MRI scans have shown that babies who consume more breast milk have larger brain volumes. The brains of babies born before their due dates usually are not fully developed. But breast milk has been shown to be helpful in other areas of development, so we looked to see what effect it might have on the brain.

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Many babies still put to sleep in unsafe positions

Each year many infants die suddenly, from no obvious cause. A majority of those deaths are labelled as SIDS, a phenomenon that researchers still don’t completely understand.

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When a baby is unusually quiet

There are many reasons why a baby could be crying. But what does it mean if your baby is unusually quiet, and when should you worry?

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More breastfeeding could save lives and money

A study has shown that millions of children and women don't receive the full benefits offered by breast-feeding, which has been shown to be healthy for both mothers and children.

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Are you ready to have a baby?

You think that the time has come to have a child. But are you ready to take on this responsibility? Take this quiz and find out.

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