Updated 27 October 2016

What's breaking the internet? These twin dancing babies

At just 8-months-old, these twin girls are stealing the hearts of many with their adorable dance moves. Their mom chats to Health24 and shares some tips.


It is bed time for twins Amel and Amira, but they are playful and want to dance – and they do just that when they hear mom Lola Adebayo singing.

The 8-month-old duo is an internet sensation and we at Health24 wanted to know more about them so we checked in with their mother who is a digital designer in London.

"Amel and Amira are amazing babies and I'm not just saying that because they are mine," she said while letting out a chuckle. "I sing and 'perform' to them all the time! They love it," Adebayo told Health24.

A video of her 8 month old girls titled "Twin babies dancing" is going viral. The girls put up a performance when their mom starts singing the theme tune from the British show EastEnders.

Watch the video:

"Since the video had gone viral it's been overwhelmingly amazing and I love seeing that my girls are bringing such joy to people."

Adebayo said she was surprised by the response to the video that she recorded for family and friends to see.

"I had no idea it would take off the way it did, it went from a few people sharing the video to a few hundred, then a few thousand and now over 6m views on Facebook. Not long after posting the video on Facebook, I uploaded it to YouTube as well."

The 26-year-old mom also received some heartwarming messages from viewers.

"I've got tons of messages from people thanking me for putting the video up, congratulating me and some really touching messages from people going through tough times and saying the video has really made them happy."

Adebayo said her twins' love for music started quite early on. "From as early as 3 months they would move along to music or stop crying when I would play/sing certain songs."

Asking for more information on the twins, she said they are "always chit chatting and making each other laugh". She also described them as having big and very different personalities. "Amel is very calm and laid back, whereas Amira is more outgoing and loud."

Have a look at this GIF to see for yourself.

Although Adebayo said she is a new mom and still very much learning and finding her way, she did share one tip with South African mothers.

"My only advice is to enjoy motherhood, as stressful and exhausting it may be at times, the good will always outweigh the bad."

She also encourage moms to sing to their babies. "Sing and dance for your children; it's fun and quite therapeutic. Music evokes an array of emotions, happiness being one of them.

"They already know mommy's voice as calming, so add a sweet melody to it and I'm sure you'll have an even happier and calmer baby," said Adebayo.

You can follow Adebayo on Twitter, visit her website or subscribe to her YouTube page to stay in the loop on her babies.


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