Updated 23 October 2017

Things you shouldn't say to someone who stutters

22 October 2017 is International Stuttering Awareness Day. To raise awareness, we looked at the things you shouldn’t say or do when someone stutters.


Stuttering is an impediment that affects fluency of speech. It can begin during childhood and last well into one's adult years.

What causes stuttering?

Stuttering can be caused by different things:

  • Genetics
  • Language and speech development when young
  • Neurophysiology (stuttering can occur after a head injury or stroke)
  • Anxiety (although emotional trauma doesn't always cause stuttering)

How is it diagnosed?

Stuttering can be diagnosed by a speech therapist. If you suspect your child stutters, it's important to seek help and treatment as soon as possible.

This video also gives us insight into stuttering in a funny, yet informative way.




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