Updated 26 June 2015

Jerry Collins' orphan baby awakens from coma

Ayla, the orphaned baby daughter of All Blacks rugby star Jerry Collins and his wife Alana who were tragically killed in a car crash earlier this month, has reportedly awoken from a coma.

The surviving baby daughter of former All Blacks rugby player Jerry Collins and his wife Alana, who were killed in a car crash at the beginning of June, has awoken from a coma and is recovering well. 

Three month old baby Ayla lost both parents simultaneously after the family were all involved in a car accident on June 5th. Jerry and Alana both passed away at the scene.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports, “Former All Black Jerry Collins’ critically injured orphaned daughter has awoken from her coma and is able to bottle-feed”. She is currently being carefully monitored as doctors are yet to determine the extent that her injuries may have in the long-term.

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Ayla's aunt Nora remains close to her bedside, awaiting any signs of movement as she is being monitored at Centre Hospitalier Regional Universitaire in Montpellier.

Nora told the Sydney Morning Herald, “Ayla is able to perform basic functions, such as being able to breathe on her own and accept bottle feeding”.

The three-month-old baby had a successful operation where the fluid build-up in her brain had to be removed, she said.  

At his funeral, New Zealand rugby player and friend of Jerry’s, Chris Masoe spoke about Jerry’s last act of ‘heroism’, Stuff New Zealand reported.  

“When you realised what was coming and you protected Ayla from the impact with your arms and your whole body over her... you made it possible for her to have a chance. “

Nora released a statement on Thursday announcing the developments of Ayla’s condition.

“She emerged from her induced coma approximately one week ago and since that time she has been monitored and examined for any negative impacts from the accident.”.  

She said that they are unaware of the damages the accident might have on Ayla, furthermore she urges people to continue praying for her recovery.

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