18 August 2003

Childproof your kitchen

Danger Prevention
Cupboard: Poisonous substances and cleaning materials Poisoning and burns Lock all potentially poisonous substances out of reach and out of sight of your child.
Buy products with childproof packaging.
Never store non-food products in empty food containers (eg paraffin in a jam jar).
Install child locks on cupboards
Move chemicals out of reach if you are called away in the middle of using them
Kettle Burns Keep kettles and similar appliances (including cords) far back on working surfaces so that they cannot be pulled down.
Shorten the cord or use a coiled cord.
Don't fill the kettle with more water than you need - it will make pouring boiling water easier
Shock Always make sure that electrical appliances are correctly installed and safely earthed
Toaster Burns Shorten the cord.
Keep toasters and similar appliances (including cords) far back on working surfaces so that they cannot be pulled down.
Foodprocessor Cuts Store the blade separately and out of reach
Iron Burns Keep iron out of reach of children
Shorten the cord
Pack away when not in use (even if the iron is cool, a child can be hurt if the iron falls on top of him)
Plastic bags Choking or suffocation in children under the age of four. Store plastic bags out of reach of children.
Tie a knot in the bag for safety.
Teach children never to put plastic bags over their heads.
Stove Burns Keep your child at a safe distance while you cook
Always use the back rings on the stove and turn pan handles away from the front of the stove
Keep young children away from the front of ovens or better still put up a protective barrier or grid in front of the stove
Don't open the oven door when children are close by
Always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen
Drawers: Knives Cuts Store knives and other sharp objects out of reach
Use child safety latches on drawers
Hot drinks Burns Never drink hot tea or coffee with a young baby or child on your lap
Make sure your child can't reach your hot coffee or tea and keep tea and coffee pots out of reach
Fridge Poisoning Certain items stored in a fridge can be dangerous to children (e.g. alcohol, medicine). Lock your fridge.
Cuts Always store breakable items on the highest shelf
Washing machine Burns Supervise children when washing machine is in use
High chair Falls Supervise child when in a high chair
Fasten the restraining devices
Dishwasher Poisoning Only add detergent just before you want to use the dishwasher. Make sure it is empty when you are finished
Cuts Pack knives and forks upside down in the cutlery tray
Always keep the door closed – even when not in use
Pack glasses and other breakable crockery away immediately
Microwave Burns Mix food well after cooking
Allow liquids to cool down for a few minutes



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