Updated 09 May 2014

Does my child need probiotics?

Healthy microflora in the colon help to boost immunity - should you supplement your child's diet with probiotics? Read what this dietician has to say about good digestive health.

According to the the Parent24 dietician, if you answer yes to any of the following, then you should be including probiotics and or prebiotics in your child’s diet.

•    Is your child on antibiotic treatment?
•    Is your child not consuming a balanced diet?
•    Does your child suffer from diarrhoea?
•    Does your child have a weakened immune system because of infections such as HIV/AIDS, TB and Cancer?

To find out how probiotics and prebiotics work, when your child should take them, and which foods are natural sources of both read what the nutritionist has to say about digestive health for your child.

More information:

Visit the Probiotic Centre and see Digestive Health

(Joanne Hart, Health24, May 2011)


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