07 February 2011

What should your child eat?

Children depend on adults to educate them about the importance of nutrition. How much milk should a two year old drink daily, how much meat or fruit and veggies should her eat?

Young children do not automatically choose healthy foods, they depend on adults to offer them a wide variety and educate them about the importance of nutritious foods. How much milk should a two year old drink daily, how much meat should he eat, how much fruit and veggies?

Energy needs are variable and depend on a child’s metabolism, rate of growth, physical activity and body size. Many nutrient requirements depend on energy needs and intake, according to scientists of Pharma Natura manufacturer of a range of products, Vitaforce, including kiddies vitamins like Junglevites, and Bettaway.

  • A good breakfast including high fibre cereal or cooked oat bran porridge will help keep blood sugar levels within a normal range and enhance concentration levels at school.
  • Pack a nutritious lunch box with foods such as whole grain sandwiches, fresh fruit, dried fruit, fruit juices, vegetable pieces, peanuts and raisins, low fat milk, yoghurt and lean cold meats.
  • Tuck shop visits should be limited to once a week or special occasions as the food available is often not nutritious. If healthy food choices are available try and influence your child to purchase these instead of “ junk food”.
  • Setting a good example at home is important especially if children are girls as they soon pick up their mother’s concerns about body size and become more susceptible to media influences.

  • The following may be substituted for 1 slice bread: ½ cup spaghetti, macaroni, noodles, or rice, 3 cream crackers, ½ muffin or ½ brown roll



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