Updated 22 April 2013

Prevent your kids from choking

Children can choke easily on food, sweets or small toy parts.

Children can choke easily on food, sweets or small toy parts. They should therefore always be supervised while they are eating. There is a lot that parents can do to prevent small children from choking.

Take action:

Make sure children sit quietly while eating. Insist that children eat at the table, or at least while sitting down. They should never run, play or lie down with food in their mouths. Avoid giving children foods such as popcorn, nuts, hot dogs, chunks of meat and cheese, whole grapes, hard, gooey or sticky sweets, chunks of peanut butter, corn chips, raw vegetables, raisins, or chewing gum, until the age of four. Check toys for small parts that may come off. Cut foods for infants and young children into pieces no larger than 2 cm and teach them to chew well.

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