09 December 2003

Other tips

Here is interesting information about your baby's first smile, the mother's six week check-up, dealing with a blocked nose and cutting nails.


The first smile!
Around six week, you should see your baby’s first smile. Before this time it may appear that your baby is smiling but these “fake” smiles are usually as a result of reactions of his nervous system. Keep your camera handy!

Your six week check-up
This check-up is necessary to see whether you are recovering properly. The doctor usually does an internal examination to see if your womb has returned to normal. He/she will also check if tears and stitches are healing well.

Blocked nose?
If your baby’s nose is blocked, use a few saline drops in the nostrils to unblock it. A few drops of breastmilk in the nostrils also do wonders.

Cutting nails
To avoid cuts and injuries, wait until the baby is asleep before attempting to cut the nails. Using a pair of scissors designed for babies, cut the nails straight across.


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