Updated 04 April 2013

A fitness-friendly world

Imagine a world that is designed to help us be active.

With the Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour a couple of days away, our roads have suddenly sprouted groups of cyclists getting in some last-minute training. As a motorist, I am happy to accommodate them and keep a wide passing distance, but I do pity them sometimes when they are over-shadowed by an over-zealous bus or truck.

I'd love to think of a world which is designed to encourage physical activity. Here are some things that would work for me:

* More cycle paths in all areas, and also a lot more walkways for those of us who prefer feet to wheels.
* Visible policing in all areas so we don't have to be scared of being mugged when we're out and about.
* Pavements on all roads so people don't have to walk in the street to the bus stop or train station.
* Activity-friendly buildings with stairs that are not blocked by a fire door. If I want to take the stairs in my building I will set off an alarm and the entire building will probably evacuate.
* Roof-top parks for inner-city workers to take a stroll or jog in their lunch hours.
* Pedestrian-friendly bridges over busy roads.

What else would help to make our world more activity-friendly? We'd love to hear from you - mail us and your opinion may be published on Health24.

(Photo of cycling woman from Shutterstock)

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