23 March 2018

You need to know

Schooling: when one size doesn't fit all

If you feel that your child isn't coping in mainstream schooling, it may be time to start considering alternate options, writes Delia Tranter, Health24's resident ADHD expert.

Why kids whine and how to stop them

If you’re a parent, you’ll know all about that infuriating blend of crying and high-pitched talking that children use to get your attention. Read this before you fly off the handle.

Help your teen get better grades

Get a handle on your high-school kids' homework and give your teens the academic support they need.

Sensitive parenting may boost kids' social skills

Children who received more sensitive parenting early in life ended up with better social skills in adulthood, according to a study.  

Kids who walk or bike to school eat less junk food

Contrary to expectation, kids who get home under their own steam, eat less junk food than their peers who are 'passive commuters'.

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