Updated 09 December 2015

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Being incontinent – whether it's urinary or bowel incontinence – has always been one of those health issues that people are hesitant to admit to, least of all talk about.

Many men and women are so embarrassed about this problem that they don't even want to discuss it with their doctor.

We say there's nothing to be ashamed about and, believe us, your doctor has seen it all.

Now that so many celebs have come out about being incontinent: Kate Winslet, Kris Jenner, Samuel L Jackson, Katy Perry, Whoopi Goldberg, Kirsti Alley and now Lamar Odom - we think it's high time the rest of us stop being embarrassed and own our incontinence too. 

Start talking by going to any of these online support groups:, Facebook closed groups,, and of course our own Expert incontinence forum where you can pose questions to one of South Africa's leading incontinence specialists.

Visit our Incontinence Centre for more on managing this condition.


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