31 March 2016

News you should know

Why some people can't clap to the beat

One study suggests that people who can't clap, click or tap their foot in time to a beat may actually synchronise information differently, making them “beat-deaf”.

How to prevent middle ear infection in kids

An untreated middle ear infection can cause deafness and is often caused by “innocent” mistakes that parents make.

Do you hear "bar" or "far"?

You may hear both, depending on which face you are looking at. Yes, that's right... what you hear is determined by what you're seeing – amazing!

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Live healthier

Teen angst »

Detecting depression: Phone apps could monitor teen angst

Studies have linked heavy smartphone use with worsening teen mental health. But as teens scroll through Instagram and Snapchat, tap out texts or watch YouTube videos, they also leave digital footprints that might offer clues to their psychological well-being.

Lifestyle changes »

Lifestyle changes helped new dad shed more than 20kg

Erik Minaya started to put on the kilos during his first year year in college. By age 24, he tipped the scale at nearly 120kg. But then he cut out fast food, replacing it with lower-carb offerings that he prepared himself.