Updated 31 March 2016

News roundup


What's the most irritating noise?

Our users named the sounds that annoy them the most. Can you identify?

All about middle-ear infection

What causes a middle-ear infection, what are the symptoms and how do you treat it? Find out before the flu season starts.

A visual guide to tinnitus

How does tinnitus (ringing in the ears) happen, what are the key facts and prevalence and how can you prevent it.

Worried about your hearing?
Write to our Hearing Expert and get the answers you need! 


Live healthier

Quit smoking »

How to beat triggers that make you crave a cigarette

You need to learn how to beat the behavioural, environmental and emotional triggers if you want to succeed in quitting smoking.

Hygiene »

Your showerhead may be bathing you in germs

You probably think showering will wash away dirt and germs, but your showerhead might dump nasty bacteria on you instead that may cause lung infections.