Updated 26 November 2015

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Two promising new HIV vaccines tested in SA

With two new HIV vaccines currently undergoing testing in South Africa, could HIV be wiped out in the near future?

SA’s medicine shortage: patients are still suffering

Mental health among those living with HIV remains neglected in South Africa with some patients suffering in silence when clinics run out of medication.

Kuruman police allegedly threaten sex workers to get free ‘services’

Policemen in Kuruman in the Northern Cape are allegedly threatening local sex workers for free ‘services’.

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Can't lose weight? Blame it on your gut

Our nutrition experts weigh in on why gut health is such an important factor in weight loss, on World Obesity Day.

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Yes, there is such a thing as too much sleep

A new study confirms that too little sleep can impair your brain, but interestingly, too much sleep is also a problem.