Updated 26 November 2015

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Could bananas cure the flu?

Research suggests that BanLec, the substance found in bananas, could someday ward off a number of viruses, including the flu.

Is it a cold or an allergy?

It's that time of year when a runny nose could be caused by either allergies or a cold. Here's how to tell what's causing your symptoms.

Little evidence that pandemic flu drugs actually work

Governments worldwide stockpiled flu drugs for pandemic flu outbreaks, but there is little evidence to indicate how effective that approach was.

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Could a deadly flu strain hit SA this winter?

Following an intense flu season in the US and UK, should we be worried about our own upcoming flu season?

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Dagga vs alcohol: Which is worse? SEE: Why you are drinking more alcohol than you realise

Does alcohol cause acne?

Some foods can be a trigger for acne, but what about alcohol? Dermatologist Dr Nerissa Moodley weighs in.