Updated 31 March 2016

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Could you have fibromyalgia? Here are the most common signs and symptoms

The severity of fibromyalgia signs and symptoms vary, and occur in different combinations in different individuals.

Wouldn't it be great if you could treat symptoms of gout yourself? Take a look at our top home remedies

Gout, often unfairly ascribed to an indulgent lifestyle, is a very painful affliction – but don't despair, one of a number of home remedies may be the answer to your prayers.

It's true - the weather can affect your arthritis

More than 60% of Dutch patients with osteoarthritis say that weather conditions, such as rain, barometric pressure and temperature have an impact on their condition.

If you have a question about your joints, ask our Arthritis expert!



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Smoking dangers »

Hubbly hooking lots of young adults on tobacco Hookah smokers are inhaling benzene Many young adults misinformed about hookahs

Hookah pipes far from harmless, study warns

In addition to toxic substances from tobacco and nicotine, hookah smoke exposes users to charcoal combustion products, including large amounts of carbon monoxide.

Managing incontinence »

5 avoidable triggers that can make urinary incontinence worse

Urinary incontinence is a manageable condition – here are a few common triggers of urinary leakage.