Updated 25 November 2015

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Graphic surgery photos reveal how devastating rheumatoid arthritis can be

Graphic content: These shocking photos of Dietrich Sölter's hand after undergoing invasive surgery reveal just how debilitating rheumatoid arthritis can be!

Paracetamol may not ease osteoarthritis or lower back pain

People suffering from osteoarthritis or lower back pain may not benefit from paracetamol, a review of past research suggests.

Study shows the value of alternative knee replacement treatment

Physical therapy and exercise are proven to aid in pain relief for people with arthritis, limiting the need for knee replacement surgery.

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Can't lose weight? Blame it on your gut

Our nutrition experts weigh in on why gut health is such an important factor in weight loss, on World Obesity Day.

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Yes, there is such a thing as too much sleep

A new study confirms that too little sleep can impair your brain, but interestingly, too much sleep is also a problem.