Updated 05 November 2015

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Many people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD) have highly successful careers. Bill Gates, Will.I.Am, Jim Carrey, Walt Disney, Agatha Christie, John F. Kennedy, and many other famous people suffered from ADHD.

Did you know that Winston Churchill failed the sixth grade? He did just fine professionally. The secret to finding your dream job is focusing on your strengths. What do you do particularly well? What are your skills and talents? Hint: You're probably good at the things you enjoy. Make a list of 20 things you’re good at and then find occupations that draw on those skills and strengths.

Jobs that are great for people with ADHD: The military with its structure and discipline; emergency medical technician; being a police officer or firefighter which offers a number of dynamic, high-intensity situations; computer technicians move from job to job a lot; digital content or social media manager where multitasking is 100% of the job; the food industry that offers creativity in a focussed environment; your own business where you can remain flexible and have to be self-motivated and photographers or videographers where diversity and changes in work setting is the order of the day.

Head on over to our ADHD Centre for more on managing the condition.


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