25 June 2015

When to fire your GP


Many of us stick with our GPs year in and year out, never questioning their manner or knowledge, or how they diagnose us.

Yet many of us are secretly unhappy with them, and even more of us probably suffer in silence and ignorance, or simply go to see another doctor or specialist. 

Health24's resident GP Dr Owen, who has loads of experience in the private sector, says there are legitimate reasons why you should question or fire your doctor.

These include:

1. A doctor who never listens and never examines, or only listens, or only examines.

2. A doctor who does not explain your condition or treatment plan.

3. A doctor who orders every single test on the laboratory or radiology request form.

Read up on more reasons why you should change your GP if you're not happy, and don't forget to tell us about your experiences in the comments.


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