Updated 30 September 2015

Unbreakable bones

We've all heard that we need calcium to keep our bones in top health and prevent osteoporosis.

But researchers are warning that taking in too much calcium in the form of a supplement (over 1 400 mg/day) can actually be bad for the heart if it's not absorbed in the body. 

So, what can we do to ensure that the calcium we consume reaches our bones and teeth?

Take them with these nutrients:

  Vitamin D (allows the body to absorb calcium)
  Magnesium (converts vitamin D into its active form)
  Boron (prevents calcium loss)
  Phosphorus (works with calcium to maximize bone-strengthening)
  Vitamin K (increases bone mass and mineralisation of the bone matrix)

Read up on why these are as important as calcium to build strong bones, and food sources containing them


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