Updated 24 June 2015

SA's most sugary sauce?

South Africa is the third fattest country in the world, and our love of sweet things is partly to blame for this. 

But it's not only the sugar we add to our foods and drinks that is to blame - sugar often hides in canned, bottled and processed foods.

We took a selection of the country's most popular sauces, from tomato sauce to chutney, and compared the amount of sugar in them to that in a can of Coke.

Obviously one wouldn't eat a can's worth of sauce in one go, but with the sweetest sauce containing more than 4 times the amount of sugar per 100ml than Coke, it doesn't take much before you've consumed a pretty serious amount of sugar. 

Take a look at our infographic that shows which sauce may taste savoury, but hides the most sugar.


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